Hospitals & Clinics

A medical facility strives to provide a clean and safe environment, but it involves much more than maintaining an outward appearance. With the heightened need to keep the various building components running smoothly, it's easy to lose touch with all the many codes and innovative advances in door and security hardware that develop. The need for a knowledgeable consultant arises.  In addition to the ever-changing environment, many of today’s consultants come with a “catch” in exchange for their information.  Such sources are often paid a commission by specific manufacturers to recommend their products.  This “selling” on the part of consultants slants their advice towards whichever company they represent and does not give you a fair representation of the many products available.  


Open Door Specialties is independent of any manufacturer or distributor.  Being independent allows us to provide for you an honest, unbiased Fire Door Inspection Report that you can feel confident is not intended to help a sales representative or consultant meet a monthly quota.  We then provide you ALL THE BEST options available to you and the contact information for local distributors who can give you a direct quote.  Open Door Specialties does not receive any incentive from the distributors with whom we connect you.  We strive to be a true INDEPENDENT and HONEST resource upon which you can rely.



Senior living

It has always been the responsibility of the younger generation to care for their elders.  Thankfully, we are able to provide for our elders far better than in generations past.  Our parents and grandparents are living longer, fuller lives more independently than ever before.  However, no one can out run the effects of age forever.  Eventually everyone needs help. Balancing ADA compliance with products that allow greater independence later in life with a high rate of reliability is critical to allowing today's seniors the independence they desire.  


Open Door Specialties dedicates itself to providing to our clients honest, unbiased insight into all available options and code compliance considerations.  As an independent company, our ONLY FOCUS is what is best for you and your facility.  We will provide you with options from multiple manufacturers, styles, and distributors.  Being able to make informed decisions is critical both in the short term and for the life of your facility; that is why we do not take any compensation from any manufacturer or distributor.